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Tips to Maintain A Smartphone
Caring for a smartphone is very important. It helps it last longer and perform faster as you use it. Some cannot use a phone for up to 6 months without either losing or spoiling it. It could be as a result of their sheer carelessness or inability to care for a phone. With touch screen phones dominating the market, it is very essential to learn how to maintain your phone. The following tips would help.

1. Buy A Case
The first thing you need to do in order to protect your smartphone is to get a protective case. The case will help prevent it from shattering in case it falls to the ground. You may use a big case or slim one depending on how careful you are with phones. Big case protects phones more than the light thin one.

2. Use A Screen Guard
I don’t know for you, but whenever a smartphone slips from my hand the first thing that comes to my mind is the screen. The screen is very prone to breaking and scratching. You should use screen guard to cover it. And don’t put your smartphone together with hard mental objects like car keys, …

3. Avoid Contact with Water
Water is not good for a phone. Avoid taking it to the pool or going with it in the rain. You should be careful when handling any liquid substances as your phone may slip into it. You should dry your phone in rice if it accidentally falls into water.

4. Protect from Excessive Heat
Excessive heat can damage a phone. Always take note of the temperature of your phone. It is advisable to switch it off or remove the battery when the temperature becomes too high. When charging your phone, try to check on the temperature.Some phones start heating up while being charged. It is important to unplug it whenever it becomes too hot.

5. Keep It Clean
Keeping your phone clean will maintain its normal performance. Always Clean dirt off your phone. Some dust particles can enter into the protective case. Remove the case and clean the inside from time to time.