jamb runz

2014 jamb is already at the corner. All candidate are struggling to have every knowledge that they can in their field of study. Thats a usual thing! Read hard, thats the summary for the dull guys. I said this because, is only the fools in this country that dont know how jamb is runs. If u fe
el u are too witty, carry ur pen and pencil and go inside the hall,and answer the questions by ur self. Not supprise! I gues u gotta make it like that. This is for my wise boys and girls. For the guys like me who dont know much that can sustain them, i advice you to follow these my trends.
Last year, there was a mass failure in the jamb according the jamb statitis. This year, i must say this with assurance, there gotta never be a mass failure like last year. This is because, the problem which affected most of the candidate last year is now being resolved. We the gurus official for jamb expo runz had a meeting with some of the jamb official,from there we heared that there was a new software for jamb marking. Gosh! I was suprise then, because i have been thinking about the very thing that led to such a mass failure in jamb. This is a screte and must kept close. When u comply with us we will now expose the rest to you.
However, for those that wish to write there jamb off-head, I better advice u to change that ur vision. Many people who wrote their jamb by themselves last year got admission not because they reach the merit, but because of the mass failure. Many institute also lowered there cut-off mark due to the mass failure. I want to assure you, this gotta never be like that this year.
About thousands of people have been already register for the jamb expo or runz. As I am writing this, many are still subscribing for the service, so you better ask you self if you can exceed about 200 mark with that your silly brain.
Our service is always pure, especialy now that we get the architect to our success. Dont forget, that this new introduced software affected many jamb runzers. So you should be carefull on the link you subscribe for.
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