Thanks for coming to our blog. The 2014 cheats for mtn has been realized. We can not stay in a stream and soap clot our eyes. For this, our engineers have made it possible for every one of you to enjoy unlimited free data for browsing and a recital software to inbox and call your friends just for free.
We are bloggers and we are known for real and actualize truth. We do not accept scammers and we are not trying to scam. The basic thing we are struggling for is to induce liberty to our people.
To start this free offer you just have to compromize with us. It is very simple, the only role you have to play is just to send the materials listed above to this number 08168857347
1-YOUR MOBILE NUMBER(this must be mtn)
2-YOUR PHONE MODEL AND CODE(this can be find at the back of your phone)
This materials will help us to automatically install the software that will redirect your IP to a systematic web chrome that will deviod your device from charges. Immidiately this is attain you will enjoy your free data and calls.WARNING!!! YOUR SIM MUST BE IN YOU PHONE DURING THIS OPERATION AND AGAIN YOUR SIM WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FUNCTION IN ANY OTHER DEVICE EXCEPT YOUR DEVICE.
You must check your email regularly. Any informatiom you will get again will be from your email. This is to avoid licking of information


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